When de-escalation and compassion toward others fail, be prepared to stand up for yourself appropriately, and stand your ground.

Welcome to Mindful Self-Defense

Most people do not have the time and/or money to invest 5-7 years of their lives to become a black belt in any given martial art. But, everyone has a need to know how to defend themselves. Mindful Self-Defense (MSD) is a practical and down-to-earth approach to learning self-awareness and self-defense that can be taught and learned in one class. MSD emphasizes that mindfulness is the first step of self-defense to avoid or de-escalate a threatening situation.  MSD specifically integrates basic principles of mindfulness and martial arts so the individual can learn blocks, breaks, holds, strikes, and to de-escalate potentially threatening situations. MSD generally helps individuals to be more aware of themselves, their surrounding environment, and to be prepared to respond, not react, when in a threatening or potentially life-threatening situation. 

How classes are structured:

Classes are structured to help each trainee to understand the basic concepts and dimensions of Mindfulness and to then apply these concepts to some specific martial arts techniques. The first part of the class begins with a discussion of Mindfulness and the second part of the class focuses on integrating Mindfulness and hands-on self-defense. At the end of the training, each trainee is given a password to access a free video for 30 days that summarizes the class to rehearse and practice.

We also offer specialized classes for teachers and first responders. Please contact us for more details.

Signing up for classes:

Each class is $110 for 2 hours of verbal and hands on instruction. Online registration for a scheduled class closes 24 hours before the start time of that scheduled class. If registration is closed and there is still space available, late sign-ups can register and sign up at the door for $125. All registrants must sign a release of liability waiver before attending the class. Gloves and water will be provided to all participants.  Individuals who would like to have individual training with Samantha can talk to her after a class
 or contact her here.